"I started practicing yoga about 8 months ago, and I am so fortunate to be able to practice with Oshrit.

Oshrit's Thursday evening class, Lite  at Nite Yoga, at befitnyc (www.befitnyc.me)  is a perfect way to wind down the week.

Her warmth and caring create a very welcoming atmosphere. She is so supportive and encouraging, and has the most  soothing and calming voice, while guiding us through  the poses. 

She helps us to bring awareness to our body, and to our breath, creating  both energy and relaxation.

After Oshrit's class I always come away with a sense of calm and peace."

- Ruthie G.

"I cannot say enough about Oshrit.  I attend her Lite @ Nite class at BeFitNYC and it's exactly what I need after a long day at work.  I love the way she teaches.  Her voice is so relaxing and she's so clear during transitions.  

Bonus:  she makes adjustments and has an awesome playlist!"

- Debby O.

“Oshrit is an amazing teacher who makes yoga accessible to everyone.
I tried taking classes with many instructors at various studios and was starting to believe that yoga was not for me.
When I began practicing yoga with Oshrit, I realized that it can be a highly enjoyable form of exercise.
She is patient and calming, and is very encouraging to everyone in the group. I highly recommend her!”

-Kira Sandler

"I was never really a yoga person until I met Oshrit. From the first class with her I became addicted. 
Oshrit’s private sessions are an absolute JOY. She takes the time to explain the poses, she demonstrates throughout the session. More importantly she does not judge and give her clients all the time in the world to get it right.
Her love and passion for yoga translate into an amazing one hour class of hard work, lots of patience, relaxation and piece of mind. 
What started as a tryout, became a lifestyle thanks to Oshrit. 
So... If you are looking for a knowledgable, passionate Yogi in your life, you should call Oshrit."

- Rinat Tahar

Tahar Décor  

"Oshrit has the recipe for a yoga class you will want to return to again and again: She combines a musical voice with good hands, tenderness toward her students, knowledge of the practice, commitment to the work, and a sense of freedom offered at all times." 

Laurie Stone


"I've been attending Oshrit's yoga classes for just a few months, and am noticing more stamina and strength.
Each session starts with beautiful music, in a calming pose.
When she says, "You're here now. Just let it all go," it's like a muscle relaxer for me. 
She directs us to set an intention for our practice, and that little spiritual gesture really makes it special for me. 
We ease into movement, building up to a comfortable, yet challenging fluidity
that has me sweating, with an enthusiastic heart-rate. 
After the trembling peek of effort and pace, she gradually talks us through a series of satisfying stretches,
then brings us to a final peaceful, resting pose.

Oshrit's energy is maternal and nurturing in her way of speaking and physically adjusting/correcting us. She puts a lot of emphasis on our breathing, which I'm becoming more aware of outside of class. 
It seems to be important to her that she learn our names and build a community with her students. She's inviting, accepting of where we are fitness-wise,
and has a sense of humor and even temperament."

- Juell F.  

"Oshrit is a dedicated and knowledgeable yoga instructor who brings positive energy and infectious enthusiasm to every class.

I practiced with Oshrit in a group setting, during which she observed each student individually throughout practice and suggested alternate poses to those who struggled with strength, injury, balance or other issues.

She is also an expert at tailoring sessions to advance specific goals and breaking down difficult poses into simple steps.

She's the real deal and I recommend her highly to anyone, from beginners who want to learn more about yoga to    more advanced practitioners looking to take their practice to the next level. Namaste!"

- Jack Pettit

"Oshrit's yoga classes are different from other practitioners I've experienced: Her focus is very much on the individual's practice and is structured to go at their pace. If you're someone who's looking for a class that doesn't rush through poses and concentrates on breathing and mindfulness, but still provides a good workout, then this is for you. Oshrit has a genuine warmth and calm about her and this is felt throughout her teaching." 

- Ben F.  

"Oshrit's centering and healing practice gives me strength and balance that lasts through the week."

- Chris O.

"As a beginner, I was very nervous about taking yoga classes.
After the first class, I was relieved to see how gentle, understanding, and helpful Oshrit was. She was able to guide me through the class with ease and worked with me to achieve each pose correctly.
Her comforting mannerisms and music provides for a soothing environment that melts the stress of the workday away while also improving health overall."

- Madigan N.